March 31, 2021

Kiddie’s sandwich

The sandwich is very simple. Using the toothpick is optional, especially if you are going to make it for the kids.


Bread slices


Boiled egg, chopped



For the dressing



Lemon juice


•Using a round cutter, remove the center of each bread slice.

•Combine sardine and boiled egg together. Mash using a fork. Add butter and mix

•As shown in step 7, spread mayonnaise over one bread slice, spread ketchup mixture over one slice, and spread sardine mixture over another slice. Leave the last slice plain.

•Place the slice containing sardine mixture on top of the bread with mayonnaise. Place the plain bread on top. Then cover with the bread containing ketchup mixture, place it upside down.

•If desired, poke in toothpick at the center

•Serve alone with black tea (avoid serving this sandwich with tea made with milk)

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