March 31, 2021

Zobo Mango Smoothie/ Zobo baobab Smoothie

Zobo or Roselle or Sorel flower is a specie of hibiscus and is well known in west Africa. It is commonly use to make drink/juice in nigeria.

Zobo is commonly served as a drink, especially during wedding or naming ceremony and other occasions.

The most amazing thing i like with zobo is that it pairs with almost all fruits. But have you ever try zobo with mango?

Zobo pairs well with mango. Even zobo with mango flavor goes well, but this is zobo with natural/original mango fruit.

On the other hand, zobo also pairs well with baobab fruit. Be it the baobab fruit or it’s powder.

I do not add artificial flavors when making zobo.

Cardamom pods is a spice used in both savory and sweet dishes. It can be use to spice up a drink like tea and zobo. I am using only 5 pieces of the cardamom pods.

Fresh Mint leaves give a nice aroma and flavor to zobo drink. If the fresh ones are not handy, the dried ones can be used.

And finally some fresh ginger that give zobo a kick. I am going to make two zobo drink recipes:

1. Zobo mango smoothie

2. Zobo mango baobab or Zobo baobab smoothie.

Zobo and Mango smoothie:


½ cup zobo

1 mango

3 Stick mintleaves

1 teaspoon fresh ginger

3 Cardamom pods

2 tablespoon baobab powder (unpowdered baobab fruit can be used)

Sugar as needed

Water for cooking and diluting zobo


•Rinse zobo with water. Place it in a pot, add sugar, cardamom pods, mintleaves, ginger and 3 cups of water.

•Heat and allow it to boil for 5 minutes. Sieve above a large bowl

•In a blender, blend mango pulp (flesh) with some water.

•Add about 1 cup of the sieved zobo and blend well. This is to ensure that the mango is well combined with zobo.

•Pour it over the sieved zobo, dilute with more water, mix and refridgerate or pour it into cups and add ice cubes.

To make Zobo Mango Baobab smoothie:

•2 cups boiled zobo

•2 tablespoon baobab powder, sieved


This can be made with zobo mango baobab or zobo baobab only. If you want to make zobo baobab only, skip the blending of the mango and add the baobab powder.

If using baobab fruit, soak it in water for few hours or overnight. Sieve and use the milk. Or boil the baobab fruit together with zobo.

•Take 2 cups of the zobo mango made above and pour it in a blender. Add 2 tablespoon baobab powder (sieved baobab powder) and blend well till smooth.

•Refridgerate and pour it into cups.

•Allow it to settle and serve chilled

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