April 2, 2021

Mixed fruit Zobo / fruity Zobo

Roselle/hibiscus flower known as Zobo in Hausa.

Delicious natural Zobo recipe indulged with a fruity sensation and aroma. Zobo had became part of our lives here in northern Nigeria. Try this one and feel another difference.

Be it wedding, naming ceremony or during Fasting. That’s why we have several zobo recipes.

But the wonderful thing i like with Zobo is that: It is goes well with several add ins.


•Fruits (Pineapple, water melon, mango, apple, strawberry, baobab, cucumber, orange etc)

•Herbs (Mint leaf)

•Spices (Ginger, Cardamom, Cloves)

That’s why Zobo is always a good friend.

Therefore, you can make Zobo how you like it, with your favorite add in.

But my favorite add ins are FRUITS. And they are the best Zobo add ins ever.

Fresh ginger is necessary to my Zobo. But for mint leaves, i occasionally add it.

Another kick is Pineapple peel. I heard our parents and elders saying pineapple peel taste better than the whole pineapple fruit in zobo.

Well, i would and already believed because zobo with pineapple peel is never Dull! Even if pineapple peel is the only add in!

So, if you can not add the fruits, pineapple peel only is a good to go.

Moreover, one more favorite add in that is not very common, is baobab. Yes, baobab fruit. If you had checked my Zobo baobab juice recipe, you would know more about that. Though i received positive feedbacks from those who tried the recipe from you, i am happy it helped.


For boiling Zobo:

•Pineapple peel of 2 pineapples

•1½ cup sugar

•1 cup Roselle (Zobo)

•2 Fresh ginger, grated

•5 sticks mint leaves

•7 cups water

For mix fruits Zobo:

•Half of the boiled Zobo

•1 cup watermelon juice

•½ cup orange juice

•½ cup mango juice

•Pineapple juice if needed


Combine Zobo leaves, ginger, pineapple peel and mint leaves in a pot

Add sugar

Cover with water

Boil for 10 minutes. Sieve and collect the liquid in a large bowl.

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Want to improve your culinary skills? Join my Ramadan Online class with just 3500 nairWant to improve your culinary skills? Join my Ramadan Online class with just 3500 naira! Contact 09035186172 (Call/WhatsApp) to enroll

This is the basic zobo recipe.

Allow the sieved zobo to cool down before adding the fruit juices. I divided the zobo juice into halves and added the juices to one half. Feel free to double the fruit juices and use all the zobo to make plenty of zobo juice.

To make the mix fruits zobo:

Blend water melon with water till smooth.


Blend mango pulp with water and sieve as well

Set the watermelon juice, mango juice and orange juice. For orange juice, you can squeeze the juice of orange fruit.

We are going to add the juices below to the basic zobo made above.


Watermelon is healthy and nutritious, so i am going to add it first


Add mango juice. I like mangoes in zobo, they are amazing (if mango is not in season, don’t worry, omit it)

Add orange juice

Delicious Fruity Zobo is ready.

Refridgerate and serve. Zobo is not nice without refrigerating. So, chill before serving.

For storage, store in the fridge for a week.

Do you try this recipe? Comment below or tag me on Instagram @binish_foods. I like to see what you are making.

Thanks for visiting.

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