My Name is Zubaida Isah, but people call me Zuby.

I am from Kano, Northern Nigeria. I am a potential dietitian, a final year student of Nutrition and Dietetics. One of my hobbies is cooking and teaching. What I do on this site:

I explore new recipes and innovate the existing ones. I share recipes (and healthy food) and I offer online courses. As a potential dietitian, I aimed at unveiling the relationship between food and disease, and the fact that food is medicine, and food can be used to cure diseases. Diet is not only mean to lose weight, but DIET can be used to manage diseases like diabetes mellitus, hepatitis, obesity, kidney disease, hypertension, and many other cardiovascular diseases. My target is to achieve a healthy environment with good eating habits, a community that will regard food as their medicine.

Stay tuned and keep in touch.

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